HP Pro x3 — a more affordable version of the smartphone HP Elite x3 that will be running Android

Recently there was a rumor that smartphone sales HP Elite x3 will be discontinued on 1 November this year. HP have denied the rumor, stating that the company intends to sell HP Elite x3 up to 2019.

Now the insider Roland Quandt (Roland Quandt) said that HP was working on a new version of HP Elite x3, however at this stage it is unclear cancel it or not. The smartphone called the HP Pro x3 needs to obtain Android operating system instead of Windows 10 Mobile, and Snapdragon 820, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of flash memory. Recall that the original smartphone features the same single-chip system, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of flash memory.

Roland Quandt adds that the starting price of the device should be about 550 euros, while the HP Elite x3 was originally offered at a price of 829 euros.

The first rumors about this device appeared in August 2017.

HP has not yet made any statements.



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