HP is a leader in the North American market chromebooks and Samsung — the outsider

CNR analysts, citing data from NPD, estimated the chromebooks market in North America in the second quarter of this year and came to the conclusion that he is represented by six companies.

To begin, we note that evaluated only sales through distributors and Resellers.

The leader in this region is HP, which had 35.1% of sales, up from 32% a year earlier. The best sold model Chromebook 11. Lenovo settled in second place with a share of 30.4% compared to 27% last year. That is, two-thirds of all sold in North America chromebooks are HP and Lenovo. The Chinese company’s sales leader is the model N23 Chromebook.

In third place with a share of 17.8% is Acer. And the company lost 2.2 percentage points. Have Acer good chromebooks sold Chromebook 11 and Chromebook C740.

The second trio presented by Dell (9.4% against 9% last year), Asus (4.6% against 6% a year earlier) and Samsung (2.9% vs. 5% a year earlier).

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