HP in conjunction with Intel has been developing home devices based on the voice assistant Cortana

A couple of days ago, Harman Kardon introduced the smart speaker system Invoke with Cortana. This is the first such device, but hardly the last.

At least, according to a source, Intel and HP have already announced that they are working on similar products. How many of them will and what they will consist of is still unknown, but it is said that the Foundation will lay it Cortana.

That is, it will probably be a smart speaker system, home voice assistants, and other similar decisions. Be surprised by the presence of Intel is not necessary, as the same Amazon Echo brand new Show is based on SoC Intel Atom x5-Z8350.

In addition, Microsoft has made available Cortana kit Skills Kit that allows developers to create applications based on Cortana to Android, iOS, Windows 10, and as Invoke.



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