HP buys a company SGI

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the purchase of the company Silicon Graphics International (SGI). The buyer the acquisition cost of 275 million dollars, I’m sure that it will strengthen its position in the markets of solutions for Analytics and supercomputing. Moreover, HPE expect that the positive effect of purchase in the form of profit will begin to appear in reports in a year.

Recall, the company SGI, who is associated with, in particular, the beginning of widespread use of computer special effects in the film industry of the 90-ies of the last century, ceased to exist in 2009. Then after the bankruptcy of its remains were bought by Rackable Systems for $ 42.5 million. In fact, the key acquisition the buyer is well-known trademark as the company was loss-making even after the reorganization of 2006, following the merger with the main competitor, company Intergraph Computer System.

At the end of the next fiscal quarter, which SGI ended June 24, the company received 123 million dollars in revenue and profit in the amount of 0.1 million dollars. On the SGI calendar it was the fourth quarter of 2016 financial year, because the results for the full year: revenue amounted to 533 million dollars and net loss of 11 million dollars.

Sources: HP, Bloomberg


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