How to wear a Snood with a hood?

Winter clothing with a hood is very practical, especially in the conditions of the Russian winter. It perfectly protects against wind and retains heat around the head. But if you decide to complement your image and even Sodom, then you need to think thoroughly over the combination of this accessory with the basic things.

LIC is a wide, long scarf, whose ends are United. At first glance a simple design solution has grown into a stylish accessory, which when properly combined can replace the hat, scarf or vest.

Stylish snudy 2018 is made of wool fibers, knitwear, fur, etc. a New kind of scarf placed it in front of fashionistas one of the most important questions – what combination of neck and what kind of outerwear to wear.

In our review we present the most relevant sets of scarf-Sodom and give valuable advice regarding the choice of outerwear for this accessory.

Simple tips for choosing the scarf-cowl

LIC, as an alternative to the cap and the scarf, you should blend in with outerwear. The most stylish looks Snood rolled an eight. To do this, fold the scarf in half and the resulting dual ring wear on the neck. The top part should cover his head, and the bottom form a surround gate. Some models are too short and narrow, they simply jumped on his head.

Long snudy easy to adjust using sophisticated brooches with large stones or hidden loops. In this case, the scarf is transformed into an elegant headdress – bonnet. This method is applicable if you wear outerwear without hood. Snood does not cling to it and easily pulled on the head.

Another thing is if the jacket or coat made with a hood. This kit looks like enough space, so the combination of Sodom will look very badly. But this does not mean that you need to permanently abandon the cowl. Enough to know a few tips from the stylists and your image will look irresistible.

The hood may be of different sizes. If in your model it is small and not bulky, it can easily be hidden under the cowl, straightened the ends over the shoulders. In this case, the scarf will be like a drape.

With a slouchy hood this trick will not work. Snood, combined with a large hood will create the effect of a hump on the back, which clearly will not add beauty to your outfit. From this position you can go just one way to wear a Snood under a jacket with a hood partially hiding it inside. The zip jacket no need to tightly button up, creating a free space near the throat.


How to put the cowl under the hood

Whatever your outerwear, a leather jacket, parka or coat, the hood imposes significant restrictions on the wearing of the scarf-cowl. It does not matter where and how you are going to place it on the head, shoulders or neck.

Snood instead of a cap

Despite the voluminous and loose-fitting Snood can be used instead of a cap, even in the most severe cold. Pick a knitted or knitted from thick-knit with the addition of natural wool.

Wear the cowl with the hood up and lowered the hood. This combination is suitable for everyday casual images and more youth with bright contrasting scarf.

If your jacket has an oversized hood, then pick the model of medium length, which is either not folded in two layers, or formed a tight eight. This Snood is tucked inside the jacket, the edges are straightened on the neck and the upper part is positioned on top of the hood.

Snood instead of a scarf

Many ladies are not ready to fully trust sodam and completely abandon the usual warm caps, so often use it as a scarf. The combination of a jacket or coat with hood and scarf-Sodom looks very elegant and attractive. Minor accessory not only protects the throat from wind and cold, but will give your image of coquetry and charm.

Creating images with scarf-Sodom, follow the same tips as with Sodom-cap. Wear it either under the hood, if it is small and not large or over the top clothes. In any case, choose neutral shades. They can be easily combined with jackets, coats, parks and outerwear. Not less stylish look snudy in the «military» palette – khaki, plum, gray.

Two ways to wear the cowl

There are 2 ways of wearing a scarf-cowl, regardless of the length and colors:

  • under the jacket
  • over jackets

If you wear a Snood «under the jacket», we need first to wear a scarf, and then outerwear. Visually, this ensemble looks very simple, and if you choose the appropriate colors (contrast and bright), then the image will look beautiful and harmonious.

Put a Snood around the neck, turning him in a tight circle or figure eight. Try to keep the edges of the accessory is not hanging down. To do this, straighten her shoulders or fasten the invisible hook. You should now have a «column», firmly grasps the neck.

To create stylish urban image, select the model with the decor or fringe on the edge of the product. It is clear that to hide such beauty, and therefore, the ends of the cowl supposed to just casually hang down from under the jacket or lie on his shoulders.

How to wear a Snood under the hood

Particularly attractive set with Sodom looks with harmonious color combination of this accessory with outerwear. They should overlap not only color, but also pattern or ornaments.

Snood on top of the jacket worn two ways – over the hood or under it.

If you decide to wear a Snood under the hood, first put on the jacket, buttoned the clasp to the end, assemble the Snood to the eight or a dense ring and put it on top of the hood. Edge products straighten your back and shoulders.

Another way. If you have a voluminous Snood free knitting, then you may be able to hide under it even with a large hood. Just gently roll it and hide under the numerous folds of the cowl. In this case, the scarf should be different in color from clothing.

Snood is a versatile accessory that besides the basic function – protection from the cold – are able to visually correct shape. For example, women with a big bust you need to pay attention to snudy small tight-knit, for women with voluminous hips will fit a scarf with a large weave. If we talk about colors then best would be to choose a Snood in two or three shades darker than the jacket or coat.

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