How to stylishly tie a scarf on your head?

The variety of hats this year is really amazing. Hats of different cut and knit a stylish beret, a cute bandage. Many girls like to choose for themselves exactly such options. But this year will be relevant again scarves that will help to give even the simplest outfit a special touch. Therefore, we recommend to buy several options, and we will tell about how correctly to fasten on the head of such a stylish accessory.

How to wear a scarf on your head?

Of course, there are many ways how you can stylishly tie a scarf on your head. But a lot depends not only on desire but also on the quality of the fabric of the product, its size and your goal. After all, summer, thin scarves are absolutely not suitable for winter season. So be sure to think about this before purchasing a particular product.

A timeless classic

The most popular way to wear a scarf – classic. The one that is used by many grandmothers. Don’t be surprised, it looks very nice, especially if you pick a good quality handkerchief. Therefore, do not purchase the first available option. Look to more expensive products made of natural material.

On African motives

Interesting and unusual to tie a scarf on the head in African style. We recommend you to choose an interesting, colored colouring products, to make it look fresh and modern.

For a start, you should gather hair in a ponytail or a bun. Handkerchief cover the hair and just wrap it around the head, but the knot definitely need the front. Therefore, the accessory would look more voluminous. The tips of the scarf should hide the node. If you want you can secure them with pins or simple pins.

This option is ideal not only for everyday life, but also to visit the beach. But in this case you should choose light scarves of fine fabrics. Because of this you will feel comfortable even on the hottest days.

In the style of 70-ies

I guess every girl seen movies where girls are very stylishly tie a scarf in the style of 70-ies. Of course this option gives the image of confidence and femininity and sex appeal.

However, to tie it simply. To start you just need to put it on his head and under his chin to catch the ends of the cross. It is possible to tie at the back or the side. But in any case, the node should be easy, free. Due to this and creates the peculiar effect of lightness.

Wide band


This way of tying a scarf was popular for quite some time. But everyone knows that fashion is back and now it is once again important. The best for this option will fit slim products. For example, silk scarves look very stylish.

The handkerchief should be folded into a fairly wide bandwidth. But before it to do is prepare your hair. It is best to make a high hair style or to form a simple beam tail. Flowing hair will also look good, but to beginners it will be difficult the first time beautifully to tie a scarf. Only when the hair wear the scarf and tie the ends in back. It looks really stylish and feminine.

If desired, you can tie the scarf so that the knot was in front. Then the image will look a little different. That is more romantic, playful and Flirty. Choose the option that you like.


Many know the way to tie a shawl. After all this is done almost the same way as each girl wraps a towel after shampooing. However, all this should be more cleanly, and the ends of the scarf definitely need to roll and pin under the handkerchief. This can be done using the simplest invisible.

There are many variations of how to tie a turban, or a turban. But each of them still boils down to the fact that the head must be fully covered with scarf. And how to tie it on, will depend on your appearance. Beginners often choose a bow or do a simple knot. The last option would be acceptable only if the ends of the shawl is pretty small.

Scarf in the hair

The most stylish option to wear a scarf is to use it in the hair. This is a great way to demonstrate your imagination and sense of taste, so be sure to try this method.

Quite often girls knit a scarf in a braid or spikelet. Due to this, the hair appear visually more dense and voluminous.

No less popular option – to wear a headscarf over the top of the beam. It is very often choose girls for themed photo shoots. However, in everyday life it will look appropriate.

An unusual way

At desire it is possible not only to tie a handkerchief around his head, but to make it a romantic bow or large flower. It’s pretty simple and even a beginner will quickly be able to repeat such an option.

Tying a scarf with an accent, be sure that your creativity will not go unnoticed. Because it looks attractive and very feminine.

General recommendations for the choice scarf

A variety of fabrics and colors sometimes complicate the choice of an appropriate accessory. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to some nuances. First and foremost, decide with the color scheme. The scarf should go well with your images.

The next thing worth taking into account seasonality. Choosing a scarf for the winter season, better look at the warm material. For example, wool and cashmere are warm even in extreme cold. In addition, they are quite durable. So be sure that the wool scarf will last for years.

For warm season choose scarves of light, natural fabrics. They will be comfortable even on hot days.

As you can see, to wear a scarf in many different ways. But to make it look nice, have a little practice at home. In any case, be sure to try at least one of the presented options.

And you wear scarves or knitted hats prefer?

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