How to style bangs? Change the images without cutting

Bangs is a very important element of the hairstyle. The image of the same girl with bangs and without it, may be vastly different. She is able to transform a haircut, and completely ruin it.

To create beautiful images every day it is important to learn how to style bangs.

For styling of this element hairstyles will need special styling products and instruments that are present on the dressing table of any girl.

The shape and length of bangs can be selected depending on the shape of the face, characteristics of the shape and even growth of girls. But the main thing you should pay attention when choosing the best bangs – this type of hair.

For hard and unruly curls suit bangs of medium thickness, which should not do too long.

Rare and thin thick thick Bang average from head.
Straight tresses perfectly complemented by the bangs of various types – classic, smooth, asymmetrical, oblique.

To choose bangs for curly hair is much more difficult. Each case must be approached individually and choose the length and type based on the amplitude of the curls.

Offer you to understand this is important for many ladies the question and get rid of the problem of styling at home.

What are bangs?

Objective bangs not just to embellish hairstyle, and to hide minor skin imperfections (moles, scars, acne), but also to adjust the shape of the face.

If you are dissatisfied with their appearance, it is not necessary to radically change the haircut or hairstyle. It is sufficient to choose the optimal length and type of bangs is suitable for you in shape, length and structure.

Straight bangs

Cut the bangs made in the form of a straight line, the length does not matter. Straight bangs can be short, to the middle of the forehead. More classic options – to the level of the eyebrows or below, will add more extravagance and mystique.

Oblique bangs

This type of impressive looks combined with straight hair but not curly combined with the curly locks.

The main requirement for oblique bangs – the perfect smoothness and integrity, that is, it must not break up into strands.

Asymmetrical bangs

Custom form is ideal for straight hair. This option requires daily styling styling products and a Hairdryer. It was then that the bangs will look perfect.

The important role played by the tips of the bangs. With the help of styling products you can tweak them down or leave smooth. On a cut you can take thinning shears or leave it perfectly straight.

Than to style bangs?

Modern technology offers fashionistas a wide range of tools to facilitate your everyday grooming.

In addition, the girls presented a variety of styling products that allow you to maintain your hairstyle all day.

Stacked oblique bangs

This option is Bang itself is a decoration of the hairdos. The female protagonist has only a little to tweak the strands, making them smooth and give it volume.

For this you will need a comb, a Hairdryer and a locking means. To create the perfect styling hair should be slightly damp.

Divide the Bang the foam for fixing and using the comb smooth her in the right direction.

Browse the hair, directing the flow of hot air from roots to ends.

Laying on each day is enough to smooth the damp bangs-comb and spray it with hairspray.

Put straight bangs

This bangs is very difficult to lay smoothly, without popping the pieces out. Therefore, it is better to divide the process of laying on 2 stages.

First dry the lower part of the hair, turning the ends inside with a comb-brush, and then go to the top.

The stream of hot air pointing vertically. To consolidate the results, use a hairspray.

Styling short bangs

There are many ways of styling short bangs, which is often done with a smooth cut.

For example, using styling products perfect fitting, you can create a bold look with bangs on one side, dividing it into separate strands.

More extravagant and calling method – short bangs as «Mohawk». To implement this option, use a flat brush and varnish or wax the hair. With a comb make a light bouffant and secure it.

Such bangs looks very stylish. It emphasizes the shape of the face, makes it more open and soft.

How to style long bangs

Styling this type of Bang is also there are plenty of options. Length gives room for imagination and allows you to create a variety of shapes styling.

The first way – long bangs to one side

Before laying it is necessary to wash and dry the hair. To separate the bangs from the rest of the curls and make the bouffant at the roots using a flat comb. After this, tease the hair to one side and follow with the locking means.

In the end you’ll have a long voluminous bangs which suitable for medium length hair and short haircuts.

The second way – the classic straight styling

Separate bangs from rest of hair, lightly moisten it with water and just spray a small amount of hairspray.

With a comb with frequent teeth, spread foam over the hair dryer and put it exactly, trying to make the cut as smooth.

Popular ways of styling bangs

We offer you several ways of styling bangs which will help you out in situations when you need to quickly create a beautiful and neat hairstyle.

Laying on its side

To create the correct styling on one side you need to follow a few tips:

  • to start the procedure is necessary only after you wash your bands, then the hair will look perfect.

  • to dry the bangs from roots to ends using hot air.

Try not to hold your Hairdryer close to your hair, they can lose their form and will look presentable. The cold air is only used at the end of laying for fixing the result.

Styling bangs ago

If you are tired of constantly falling strands for you to remove them from the face using this installation method. This problem particularly hurts the owners of long or outgrown bangs.

Using the following method you can sometimes remove the strands from the face, making it more expressive and open.

To do this, backcomb the roots of the bangs with frequent comb. Also necesite a small top layer of hair.

The resulting volumetric result secure using stealth or other original clips.

And, of course, can not do without the locking means of lacquer or a mousse for hair, which will enhance the result of your labors.

Styling «Curls»

As the name implies, using this technique, you can give the bangs an amazing form curls.

This type of stacking is often used by young person trying to make his outfit more playful and youthful enthusiasm.

To create curls on the bangs will need a neutralizing solution (foam or mousse) and a Curling iron.

Spread it on your hair a small amount and using a Curling iron to create small thin strands. You have a wonderfully romantic easy way.

Every day to create beautiful and stylish hairstyle it is not necessary to spend money on stylists and barbers.

Enough to learn a few way of styling the bangs and you’ll be able to create unique images that not fundamentally changing the length of your hair.

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