How to restore the nails after the gel Polish at home?

Well-groomed and beautiful nails – it is an axiom of the modern woman. Without manicure unthinkable edgy and attractive women.

To facilitate the process of decorating nails, we increasingly resistant coatings, such as gel Polish, acrylic, shellac. They save the time and hassle of decorating fingers, and always look amazing.

Nails with gel Polish looks fascinating and exactly to the moment until you shoot it resistant coating. After it is difficult to look at without tears, they become brittle and look very unattractive. How to maintain the beauty of your nails, not denying himself the use of strong and comfortable coatings? In our review we will try to reveal all the nuances of care of nails after gel Polish.

That harms the health of nails

To have beautiful and manicured nails without spending the time – the dream of every girl. But in reality, we need to sacrifice health to have a manicure looked really stylish. Let us examine the principal causes affecting the healthy appearance of nails.

Incorrect removal of gel Polish

One of the reasons why the nails are unsightly after the gel Polish is improper removal of the coating. In the salons often just to saw the nail plate, thereby thinning it. Besides, some girls try to remove gel Polish yourself, tearing it from the surface of the nail. So they maim the nail plate, removing a few top layers.

To avoid such consequences, use a soluble coating, for application and removal of which do not require zapilivanie nail plate.

The selection of low-quality coating

The quality of the coating is also very important for health of nails. Some artists save and acquire a gel Polish untested manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing a manicurist in advance, inquire about the materials that he uses.

Preventive care procedures for the nails

Do not allow the situation to extremes, and constantly need preventative treatment for nails and skin. After each removing gel Polish put on the skin and cuticle moisturizing oil. Stroking movements RUB into skin until fully absorbed. Thanks to this easy procedure, your hands will look healthier and well-groomed, will be deprived of a nasty Burr and keratinized skin.

Equally important for the health of the nails plays a proper balanced diet. Eat foods enriched with calcium, vitamins a, E And C. in the Spring it is advisable to take a multivitamin.

How to restore the nails after gel Polish

Today, many girls learned how to create a manicure at home. Enough to buy a UV or LED lamp, a few gels and other tools for manicure. But not many know how to care for nails after decorative coatings and how to help them cope with their aggressive environment.

Salt bath

Is considered the most easy and simple procedure, available to everyone at home. Dissolve in a glass of warm water 1 tablespoon sea salt. Immerse fingers in water for 15-20 minutes. For greater effect, add to the mix a few drops of lemon juice or essential lemon oil.

Sea salt has a strengthening property, saturating the skin and the nail plate useful microelements. The lemon juice whitens the skin, making it more tender and light.


Baths with olive oil

Olive oil – an indispensable tool in caring not only for nails but also for the entire body. Slightly warm a small amount of oil and soak your hands in the solution for 10 minutes. Heat the oil in a water bath, so you can adjust the temperature of the mixture and the time to remove it from the fire.

After the procedure, do not rinse the oil from hands, and carefully wipe them with a paper towel.

Iotova bath for nails recovery

The best choice for the restoration of the nail plate. The procedure regenerates the nails, making them smoother and shinier.

You’ll need:

  • sea salt – 1 tbsp
  • 5 drops of iodine
  • warm water
  • orange juice – 100 ml

Mix all ingredients and dip hands into the mixture for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, put on hand cream.

Revitalizing mask for nails

Natural products have a great restorative properties, they are less toxic, their composition makes us more credible compared to expensive creams. Besides, to perform such procedure everyone can do, just look in the fridge and to choose the right product.

Berry mask for nails

Berries are useful in any situation, nature herself gives us indispensable tools to restore health in General and nails in particular. Of course, in stores you can find ready-made creams and masks with the content of the berry components, but how useful they can only guess. Much better to do a natural blend, which is guaranteed to give your nails healthy and well-groomed appearance.

To create masks for nails use any berries sour, but is especially useful currants, raspberries, cranberries. Grind a small amount of berries in a blender or with a fork, add 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp oil. Wrap hands with plastic wrap with the mixture and keep it for half an hour.

Mask with pepper

A bewildered perceive this recipe, however, red pepper does not only regenerates the nail plate after gel Polish, but also stimulates nail growth.

Attention! Refrain from the procedure if the skin of the hands have small cuts or sores.

Mix 2 tablespoons scorching pepper in water and heat the mixture in a water bath. Gradually add in the container a small amount of fatty cream and bring mixture to a homogeneous mass. Put the finished mask in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Apply to nails several times a week.

Professional recovery tools nail

Fast pace of life often does not allow to allocate half an hour for nail care. For busy girls, beauticians have developed a line of rejuvenating means to eliminate the effects of gel-Polish and other coatings.

Before purchasing recovery tools refer to their composition. It needs to include minerals and vitamins.

Among the proven remedies for nail care we can note:
– Nail Therapy from the company Eveline
– Naomi Nail Repair – nourishes nails and skin minerals and vitamins, gives the skin firmness and elasticity
Vitamin complex from Art-Visage – the Russian means of production enriched with argan oil, olive, sunflower and Inca-Inchi.

In the care of appearance is important continuity and equal intervals. Don’t count on the beautiful nails, if you perform the recovery procedure once every six months, when the hands are «screaming» about health problems. Perform restorative and Wellness baths every week and your nails will constantly delight you with a magnificent view and health.

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