How to rest in January/February of 2018?

The Christmas holidays are the most anticipated and bright days of the year. Each of us plans to spend it bright and unforgettable. Which days are the weekends in January and February of 2018? This is a very important issue for many, as Christmas holidays are the longest of the year and the Russians are planning not only to spend them with family, but also to go on holiday abroad or visit relatives in other cities.

Who and how many will rest decided by the Government of the Russian Federation, which is October 14, 2017 provided the Resolution approving the schedule for weekends and holidays in the coming year.

Weekends in January 2018

The so-called «Winter vacation» recently caused discontent among many Russians. Because most of the months they spend at home, with implications for their wages. Later, many got used to the long holidays and I try these days to catch all the things that have been postponed all year.

According to the official calendar in January Russians celebrate:

  • New year
  • Christmas

It is to celebrate these developments, the leadership of the country gives us the week off.
We offer you to read more about the weekend schedule for the coming year to finalize their plans.

In 2018, the Winter holidays Russians will last 10 days – from December 30 to January 8. From Saturday to Monday 30.12.2017 08.01.2018, residents can enjoy the long awaited days of rest.

In the coming year the timetable for the weekend has undergone some changes. In particular migrated weekends in January, which coincided with the holidays.

In 2018, the Christmas falls on the weekend, so in stock we have 2 extra days off, which are transferred:

  • with 06.01.18 on March 09, 2018
  • output 7 January 2018 moves in the day 2 may 2018

Due to this transfer in March and may, the Russians will rest for 4 days. Given all the changes, people in our country can not think of our workdays until 9 January of the coming year.

How to rest in February?

February also gave us a few days of rest, as the Defender of the Fatherland Day successfully came in grooms. These 3 days of rest you also need to make use of and to consider in advance the action plan, for example, to go to the theater, ice-skating and, of course, to congratulate the men on their holiday.


On February 22, some budgetary organizations and companies with loyal leadership will be able to relax a bit from work and prepare for the long-awaited weekends. Working day, Thursday will be short, as, in principle, all week. When it will end labor day is determined by each organization individually.

Who will work during the holidays?

Submitted by the Government of the Russian Federation the Decision is important for organizations and businesses that operate on a 5-day schedule, with days off on Saturday and Sunday.

In practice, there may be other options:

  • 6 working days a week
  • daily schedule
  • schedule with a floating output, etc.

For all these categories, the weekend is considered 1 January and 7 January.

Certain categories of Russians work in emergency rescue services, the ambulance service and other socially important areas. They can be 2 options:

  • payment business day in the amount of 2
  • payment in the usual amount, but with the subsequent granting an employee an additional day off.

Selection of either option depends solely on the employer.

A bit of press

Some MPs believe that the Russians have a rest too much. According to statistics, 10 days off is much more emergencies, accidents, and other events.


Representatives of the Communist party to introduce a bill, which aims to cut public holidays, thereby effectively depriving the Russians of the holidays. The bill is still under consideration and most likely will not be adopted, since such changes are clearly not like the people of our country.

How do you think do we need a «Winter holidays» or do is slightly cut the number of days? Waiting for your comments.

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