How to make clothes for dogs with his own hands?

Before you get a dog, you must think whether you are ready to provide her with proper care. This applies not only food, rides and visits to the vet, but also to purchase special clothing. In today’s world it is considered an obligatory element of maintenance of the dog. However, even with minimal skills in sewing or knitting, you can make the clothes with their hands.

How to properly take measurements and to choose the material?

The choice of material depends on what weather you are going to make clothes. For example, for walking it is very important to choose such fabrics that are easy care and washing. Due to this, its lifetime will be much greater.

For the autumn season is best to look to a single layer of material which will protect the fur from mud and dirt. This is especially true for dogs with long hair or a dwarf.

In the winter season, the task of the clothing is somewhat different. Therefore, it is required to have insulation. For example, padding polyester, synthetic fluff or fleece. Such products are in demand among owners of small and shorthaired dogs.

In General, it is believed that natural fabrics are better to choose cotton, and synthetic microfiber, polyester and viscose. As lining suitable satin and silk, since they give a knot of wool.

As for the standards, but actually this is not difficult. Importantly, the animal was in a standing position and on a flat surface. Also for sewing of products may need different measurements, so please note in the photo.

The value of all the measurements, which are shown on the picture:

  • Back length is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.
  • The circumference of the neck suggests that you do need measure the widest point on the neck. To do this you can just measure the collar.
  • Chest girth was also measured at its widest point.
  • The circumference of the waist.
  • Length of abdomen for females.
  • Chest width (distance between the bases of the humerus).
  • The length of the front paws is measured solely from the Foundation.
  • The length of the hind feet need to be measured on the same principle.
  • Length of abdomen for males.
  • The distance between the ears for sewing to the headdress.
  • The circumference of your head.
  • Girth of muzzle.
  • Clothing for small dogs with their hands

    Sew clothes for small dogs can be somewhat complicated, as are the small details. But nevertheless, if done correctly, the result will be worthwhile.

    The poponku for taxes

    Despite the fact that dachshunds are hunting dogs, they always need clothes. Especially in cold and rainy weather, lower torso very quickly freezes. So poponku – ideal, which does not hinder movement. Even if your dog is not accustomed to the clothes, to put on this product will be very simple and fast.

    Jumpsuit for Yorkshire Terrier


    To create a cute Romper for your dog, choose a suitable, high-quality material and prepare the measurements. Such clothing best suited for cool weather.

    Please note that the pattern consists of four parts. Their sizes will depend on the standards of your Terrier. So remove them correctly. It is also worth noting that involves jumpsuit with a zipper on the back. This option is great for this breed, as it often happens that the dogs are very playful and sometimes even naughty.

    Jumpsuit for Chihuahua

    Cute, playful dog Chihuahua are especially in need of appropriate clothing for the autumn and winter season. Therefore, for this breed it is better to make several options. One of the most necessary will be insulated overalls. If you wish, you can even make a model with a hood. Because of this the dog will be able to walk longer and will be protected from wind gusts.

    Dress patterns for dogs

    For almost each product needs its own pattern. Sometimes, to understand the details it can be difficult, so we offer a more versatile version of the jumpsuit pocket. The main thing you need to do to adapt it for your dog.

    Those who are first time tries something to sew with their hands and worried that will not work to calculate the correct dimensions of the patterns, we propose to use the simplest pattern. For this you need to take the following measurements with your dog:

    • length of the back;
    • the chest circumference.

    Divide the length of the back ten, and thus you get the size of the square. Use this to create your own patterns. To make it better on a sheet of paper and to begin to outline the grid. Only then start applying dots. Please note that the back should consist of two parts, and fabric for belly – shift detail.

    The following patterns are ideal for small breeds of dogs, such as Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and others.

    Knitted clothes for dogs

    Beautiful as well as functional clothing for dogs, you can not only sew, but also to tie their own hands. This would be somewhat more complicated, but the result is worth it.

    Experts recommend to use knitted clothing in the autumn season, and winter just pry it under the windproof overalls. Also pay attention to the quality of the threads, as they have to protect from the cold and not to interfere with the absorption of sweat. It is very important for the health and comfort of your dog.

    There are many different variants of knitted garments for dogs. We picked up some ideas for you, among which you can find something suitable for your pet.

    The intricacies of creating clothes for dogs

    Choosing a non-elastic material for sewing, be sure to add several inches on each side of the product. This is to ensure that the clothes should not constrain movements, especially in the throat and thoracic part.

    Various buckles and Velcro are better placed on the back. This is necessary not only for the dog but for you as well as the dressing process will be much easier. In addition, if your pet is long haired, then make sure that fasteners do not catch on. If you want you can sew on buttons or baby lipuski.

    Of course, the process of tailoring clothes for dogs are very time consuming. But at the same time, because of this it is possible to significantly save money and buy your pet one more toy.

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