How to make beautiful eye makeup?

In today’s world makeup is paid great attention. It is used not only for photo shoots or that special evening out, but also in everyday life. And every year the line between them is smaller. But if you are just beginning to understand all the intricacies of make-up, today we talk about how beautifully put make-up eyes.

Basic rules for perfect eye makeup

That eye makeup does not disappear during the day, it is very important to take care of the correct tools to create it.

We recommend that you first buy a quality base or primer. Through their use of makeup will be more persistent, and the shadows begin to crumble or smear. In addition, the cast shadow will be more vibrant, which for many is really important. By the way, these tools can sometimes replace the pastel shades, creamy texture.

The next thing you will need to create a good make – up quality brushes. Some women still use the applicator, which is often attached to a palette. To do this, as with its help it is impossible to create a good feather. And in fact it is rule number one luxury make-up.

Therefore, we recommend to buy expensive brushes that you can use more than one year. But if the budget is limited, you can make up even three brushes. For example, flat, rastushevok and brush pencil.

Of course, makeup will definitely need shade. Look for quality and choose only well-pigmented eyeshadow palettes. This will allow to realize almost any idea.

Makeup complete and emphasize it with a pencil, eyeliner and mascara. These tools should choose based on personal preferences. But please note that the mascara does not crumble and was persistent. There is nothing worse than the small black dots under the eyes. In turn, the pencil should not be too hard, as it will be convenient to use.

Examples of perfect make-up eyes

Often the eye makeup consists of several basic steps that you need to do always. After them comes real creativity, which is a great opportunity to prove himself.

Light day make-up

Surely you know that day makeup should look as natural as possible. But it is very important to stressed eyes, and if necessary increase them. To achieve this effect is not difficult, it’s all about practice.

In any case, you should start with applying a base or primer on the eyelids moving. This is to ensure that the shade is well kept and not pushed throughout the day. On top of the chosen medium, apply the lightest shade that you have in your palette. By the way, recommend you to choose a palette in shades of brown, as it will be useful in almost every makeup.


To give the look of freshness and clarity, be sure to use a light shade with shimmer. It is best to apply it to the area under the eyebrows and on inner corners of the eyes.

With a brush-a pencil in the crease apply a beige shade. But the color should be darker than your skin tone. Restorefocus brush to mix the shades on the eyelid with upward direction until, until you have a smooth transition. Due to this, the look will seem even more open.

To do day makeup look more rich, you can use eye shadow a dark brown color. But it is very important to apply very little and only on the corners of the eyes. At the same time to blend better to the center, due to this you will achieve the desired effect. After that you only need to apply mascara.

But if you want to do makeup expressive, you can draw the eyelids with a pencil or draw a thin arrow. This is especially true if you are planning to transform day makeup into evening.

Evening makeup

If the day-of makeup is often pretty simple, with the creation of the evening, many problems arise. He is bright, but a little more discreet than smoky eyes.

To begin, apply a base or primer, then shade to light shade. Then, as in the daytime makeup you need to darken the crease, and the area under the eyebrows and the corners brighten. It’s pretty simple, the main thing is not to rush and do everything very carefully.

The next step is to work with dark shades. Choose a shade that suits your outfit. The most popular are black, Burgundy, dark blue, and gray. It must be applied from the centre of the lid to the outer corner in the form of thick arrows. With a brush blend the line so that a portion of the shade and into the crease of the eyelid. If necessary, you can add a little shadow in the corner and blend toward temples.

Beautiful slim arrow will make the makeover even more attractive. To paint it a solid white line is not worth it. To the beginner it is better to make small strokes and join them together. Besides, to do it better with open eyes, as to emphasize their form.

The last step before painting eyelashes – wrap-up of the lower eyelid. To do this, use a shade of eye shadow that you applied in the crease. This makeup really can do each, just enough to practice a little.

Makeup «Smokey eyes»

Perhaps the most favorite makeup many girls is the famous «Smokey eyes». At first glance it may seem that make it very difficult. In fact all slightly different.

First we need to apply database and create a substrate of black color. This can be done with a soft pencil or cream eyeshadow. To do this, draw a line on the eyelid, starting from the ciliary edge to the middle.

At this stage is very important to good feather. Because of this will form the cat’s eye. The lower eyelid have to move very carefully along the lash line.

On top, apply some more dark color, and brush with beige shades blend. This will create a smooth transition. To complete the eye makeup you must use mascara-carbon black.

Beautiful eye makeup can be done not only from a professional makeup artist. Every girl should be able to do it yourself. So be sure to experiment, try to create the daily makeup, but something more original.

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