How to grow back your eyebrows at home?

In the last few years eyebrows given special attention. And if earlier the fashion was more subtle, and now all the girls are keen to grow their natural shape and thickness. It would seem, just enough to stop plucking, but not always so simple. So follow our tips and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Regrow eyebrows: basic rules

On a beautiful wide eyebrows now a dream of many girls. Often they can grow in just a few months. But this can only be achieved following the basic rules.

The rejection of tweezers

Perhaps the first rule that is neglected by many girls is a complete rejection of tweezers. You can even throw it away or give it to someone else. Remember that the hairs grow back, if not to pluck for at least a month, and preferably two.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to hold back when eyebrows start to grow. But believe me, the result is really worth it.

If brows look very groomed, it is recommended to visit a wizard that will help you choose the best form. But be sure to note that you are in the process of sprouting. Then the correction you will demonstrate what you need to pay attention and from which hairs to get rid of, so as not to spoil the shape.

Proper washing and cleansing

Dealing every day of different cosmetics, it is very important to take care of the proper cleansing of the skin. Of course, it is necessary to use micellar water and foam to remove makeup residue. Pay attention to the skin under the eyebrows, because it must also be clear.

We also recommend to visit a beautician, who will pick up you money, starting from the condition of the skin. For example, someone may need peels with acids, while others should just change the cream. This not only will cause the skin in a more tidy condition, but will also help the growth of eyebrows.

If desired, after removing makeup, apply on the eyebrow oil by using cotton swabs. But it is important that in the morning thoroughly clean the excess oil to clog up pores.

Regular massage

Many are surprised with the fact that for the growth of eyebrows need a regular massage. It is best to repeat this procedure at least three times a week. Due to this, the hairs will be stronger.


That the procedure was most effective, take a tooth brush or comb for eyebrows and apply literally a drop of castor or burdock oil. A neat, circular motions to massage your eyebrows for several minutes. Then a bit of massaging them with your fingers, to the hair were more saturated.

Combing the eyebrows

Every day should be brushed, not only hair but also eyebrows. Through such effects, you can easily ensure blood flow to follicles that will stimulate their growth.

By the way, some masters advise even to put on their air conditioning or balm. Because of this, they will become more soft.

Proper nutrition

Surely you know that the condition of the hair and skin is a reflection of the state of our health. Therefore, if you notice that the eyebrows or the hair has thinned, it is an occasion to reflect on the theme of food. Too strict diets or the frequent consumption of sweets, fast food is a taboo for those who care about their health.

Your diet must be meat, fish, cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Each product has a different group of vitamins, so allow yourself frequent their consumption.


In the autumn-winter period, many girls suffer from brittle nails, as well as from a significant loss of hair and eyebrows. This is often due to a lack of vitamins in the body. In this case, it can be a time to take specially designed vitamins for hair, skin and nails. They contain calcium, which has the main impact on them. But before purchasing them, it is recommended to pass complex tests, and consult a doctor.

Remedies for eyebrow growth

The modern market offers many different tools for the growth of eyebrows. While there is not only budget, but also very expensive, which can afford not each. It should be noted that such expenditure is not always justified. So how to restore hair growth even simple folk remedies.

Most popular is the castor and burdock oil. Also you can add some coconut to make the hair a bit more soft and manageable. Mixing them immediately before application or purchase a special bottle and prepare in advance. After careful cleansing, apply the mixture of oils on your eyebrows with a cotton swab.

You can also apply other natural oils that have additional properties. For example, peach seed oil is very popular. This is not surprising because it not only strengthens hair and promotes their growth, but also gives them a darker shade.

Those who are not suffering from a shortage of time, you can experiment and make a special broth for the growth of eyebrows on the basis of chamomile. Apply it to a cotton swab several times a day. Unlike oils it does not clog pores.

Of course, if you don’t want to do home remedies, you can find quite a lot of unique among the known brands for care. This is a different serum, mascara and other tools, which accelerate the growth of eyebrows.

Often they contain various minerals, vitamins and even dietary supplements. Therefore, before using be sure to read the instructions and note the section with contraindications. After all, if you use a large amount or just wrong, it can lead to tragic consequences.

To choose the right tool that will help to grow your eyebrows is not difficult. But do not forget that a lot depends on your power and morale. So take care of yourself, use the above tips and the result will be very soon.

What do you use for eyebrow growth?

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