How to get rid of yellow hair?

Beautiful, bright blonde choose a girl. But sooner or later, each is faced with the yellowing. Of course, this result may be due to several reasons. But do not worry, because today there are many ways that will help to remove it in the salon and at home.

The top causes of yellow hair

Before you look for a way that will help to get rid of the yellowness, you should try to determine the reasons for its occurrence. This is especially important to do in that case, if you dye hair for the first time and just now there was such a reaction of the hair. Only in the light of this knowledge it is possible to adjust the color and to prevent it in the future.

Mismatched paint

Perhaps the most common cause of yellowing is the paint. Those who buy it on their own, we recommend you to always pay attention to the expiration date, color and price. Remember that high quality materials just can’t be cheap. Therefore, in this question it is better to trust the professional’s choice.

If you purchased the paint in the cabin, it’s possible you picked up not the most suitable shade. Also the master can not be sufficiently experienced to conduct such a complex painting. Therefore, the result of a combination of your natural hair color with the tone of the paint appears yellow.

Lighten dark hair color

Owners of very dark hair colors, such as blue-black or brown, it will be very difficult to get the desired effect. The fact that the natural pigment will dominate, so the yellowing can even occur after three to four staining. Don’t blame your masters, as even the most experienced professional can not cope with your pigment.

If you are faced with this situation, we recommend to consider how much you want to change the color of the hair. Even the strongest hair will be very damaged with frequent lightening and dyeing. Besides, growing the roots will be very contrasting.

Errors in the procedure of rinsing

Not all girls know that the cause of the yellowing may not be correct rinsing. That is, after dyeing the hair is also vulnerable, as the scales may not fit snugly. So if you washed them in simple running water may turn out not quite the desired result.

The fact that the water contains various micro-particles of rust and salt. Due to their exposure hair can get not only yellow, but also gray or even red. Skilled craftsmen carry out the procedure recommend rinsing only purified by the filter with water.

Incorrect staining


Of course, in the process of identifying the causes of yellowness you can’t exclude the lack of professionalism of the wizard. During the procedure, it is important to observe the stages of dyeing. It is necessary to take into account the exposure time of the decolorizing means, which is determined only based on your natural shade. So if it is wrong to calculate the time, the result can be far from the expected.

How to get rid of yellow hair?

If the colour result you are not happy or yellowness appeared some time later, do not hurry to get upset. After all, if you wish, you can change everything using professional tools.

If desired, you can periodically use traditional recipes to make the effects. But in any case you need to try and look for the right tool for your hair.

Silver shampoo

Probably every blonde knows about the existence of silver shampoo. It produced many brands, so you can easily pick up the right cost tool.

A feature of this shampoo is a purple pigment, which removes the yellowness. In doing so, it not too strongly affects the hair and does not injure them. But at the same time it is very important to use it correctly. If you overdo the hair, they can be purple, lilac or ash. So try to apply this shampoo just a couple of minutes.


Another tool, which is also quite popular blondes – shampoo. Manufacturers offer several options, including platinum, silver, pearl, mother-of-pearl and other colors. They often have a lower cost, but the quality is not reflected.

By the way, this shampoo can still give hair a purple hue. But unlike the previous version it will wash off a lot faster. Many girls say that the effect lasts until the third wash your hair.

Masks, tonics and desserts

Such tools are easier to use and do not give the desired result. But at the same time, it should be noted that the effect from their application will not be too long. So don’t be afraid to try and look for a suitable solution.

Home remedies

Of course, many girls are quite skeptical about home remedies for hair care. In vain, because they not only help to remove yellowness of hair, but also will favorably affect the condition of your hair. Agree, this action is important to all the girls, especially blondes.

Works best rinsing with lemon juice. To do this, mix the required amount of warm water and add lemon juice. After this rinse you need to wait at least five minutes and then rinse with a solution of filtered water. If you do this procedure regularly, you will not only get rid of the yellowness, but also to achieve the Shine.

You can also try to make a whitening mask. For this you need to chop the rhubarb and pour it with boiling water. Then gradually add a small amount of glycerine and leave to infuse and cool. Apply the mask only on the hair, but not less than two hours.

These simple tips will help you to get rid of yellow hair. But if it appears regularly, it is recommended to do the staining of the other masters or to return to a more natural shade.

And how do you deal with the yellow hair?

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