How to celebrate New year 2018 – year of the dog?

Very soon the Red Fire Rooster will concede their rights in a responsible and friendly character 2018 – Yellow earth Dog. The coming year promises us balance, inner peace, and order in business and family life.

On the eve of the New year fashionable women of all ages stormed the shops, boutiques, the Internet in search of the best outfit for the occasion. To choose the suitable way you need to learn about the main preferences of the symbol of the coming year of Yellow earth Dog.

The right Christmas image 2018

Yellow – the basic color of the year. But it does not mean you have to limit yourself to just this shade. In addition to the yellow earth Dog like green (as a symbol of grass and leaves), gold, brown, beige, gray as the main colors of the earth.

Use the blue color in the outfits you need to very carefully diluting it with green or yellow. Different blue shades – turquoise, Moray, celadon also fit perfectly into new year images.

As decorations you can use gems, the accessories made out of copper or bronze, wood, etc. Excavation the Dog is not picky about this kind of elements of the image, as, for example, a dragon or a wayward Rooster.

Christmas image of the zodiac sign

We decided on the main colors that should be present in a Christmas outfit. But every zodiac sign has its own character, preferences that affects the choice is the best image for the New year.


Girls born under this zodiac sign to choose an outfit very difficult. They have to connect to the modesty and provocative notes of moods.

If this dress «on the floor», combined with elements such as bare shoulders, the maximum cut or plunging neckline.

Choose outfits with rich colors – emerald, wine, black. Complete the style with accessories in the form of jewelry and bright makeup.


According to astrologers, Taurus just have to Shine at the new year celebrations. This effect is possible to achieve a predominance in the image of a Golden hue.

To wear completely gold dress still not worth it, this outfit will look pathetic. But the use of embroidery in gold thread or other jewelry of this color.


For new year corporate party, choose a sheath dress or a model with a detachable skirt. For a party with friends, you can create a more casual image with a short cocktail dress with the obligatory presence of the decoration of «gold».


Gemini astrologers advise to choose a more modest and restrained outfits. But that is not always appropriate at the new year celebrations.

To help the representatives of this zodiac sign are coming stylists that recommend Supplement solid straight cut dress is bright and extravagant accessories.

The simplicity can compensate for bright colours. Choose deep green, yellow or coral color.


To give the image of mystery and charm inherent in many representatives of this zodiac sign, will allow retro dresses. They look great on all female Cancers, making their way incredibly feminine and noble.

Note also dress in the Oriental style. Light chiffon, silk fabrics, trimmed with gold embroidery or gloss will make the girl incredibly attractive new year’s eve.


Girls-Lioness, of course, have to dress in luxurious outfits with rich decor. In the coming year, despite the primacy of the earth Dog, they can choose the outfit which they prefer.

As for the color scheme, but new year’s eve representatives of this zodiac sign will be very bright. Orange, gold, red, yellow will prevail in their images.


Astrologers suggest Maid outfits deep colors and smooth fabrics. Satin and silk outfits make the girls irresistible to the new year celebration.


Accessories and jewelry should pay attention girls-the Scales when choosing the outfit for the celebration.

Simple, uncluttered styles of dresses should be compensated fur trim, sequins, feathers, Boas. Decoration may be present on the collar, cuffs or hem of a dress.

Do not forget about hair accessories and a handbag with a mandatory decoration in the form of a lush POM-poms.


Representatives of this sign are extraordinary in the choice of outfits, so any prohibitions and recommendations for them are not acceptable. They rely only on personal opinion and intuition.

However, it is better to listen to the advice of astrologers and to refrain from the pretentious and provocative imagery.

Women-Scorpios need to pay attention to the sheath dresses, skirts of various styles and blouses in retro style. The best outfit to welcome the New year will be a dress «on the floor» smell.


A balanced and calm nature is a hallmark of prudent archers. Such personality affect clothing choices.

New year’s eve women archers will do fine images of flowing fabrics.

Original styles with dropped shoulders and a draped and layered ruffles enhance the beauty of the female figure. Choose outfits in pastel colors that will make your look playful and romantic.


Stylists advise girls the Capricorns to look at the outfit with the floral abundance and floral prints.

This image will surely be noticed, as fundamentally not fit into the concept of the new year outfit. However, you can set a good example for other fashionistas and to show that cold is not a reason to forget about the summer warmth.

Undoubtedly, it is worth considering the style of the celebration. If it’s a simple gatherings with friends, then you can do a short dress with fine floral pattern.


Female Aquarians in the New year can feel like a real film star. It is the outfits of celebrities in which they appear on the events suggest to try the stylists representatives of this zodiac sign.

The way with a spectacular long dress with a small train, expressive neckline, an open back will be the most memorable at the event.


Sequins and sparkling rhinestones resembling fish scales, should be the main decoration of the outfits of the female Fish.

Your image will be truly elegant, if you will be adding lace capelet or Bolero.

Believe it or not the predictions of astrologers controversial issue. However, to contradict the preferences of the symbol of the coming year Yellow earth Dog is not worth it.

Pay your way on new year’s eve celebration maximum attention and throughout the year you will be accompanied by good luck and prosperity.

Happy New Year, dear readers!

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