Honda showed the airbag for scooters

Honda Motor presented the development, designed to enhance the safety of road users traveling on scooters. We are talking about motorolleri the airbag. It was developed by Honda in Association with Autoliv, specializing in safety equipment for cars.

Allegedly, the pillow can reduce the likelihood of dangerous injuries in the collision of a scooter and a car. At the moment of collision, the sensors will detect sharp changes of speed and cushion reveals, mitigating the impact. Triggering occurs at 0.04-0.05 s.

Tests showed that the airbag dramatically reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury the driver of the scooter, hitting at the speed of 50 km/h in the side of a stationary car. Elements of scooter including steering wheel and instrument panel and a vehicle body by playing the role of the support cushion. The developers note that to work effectively cushion such support is necessary, therefore, other scenarios of the accident, the benefits the pillow can be limited. However, collisions are a very common type of accident, so the introduction of pillows will help to significantly reduce the number of injured and dead.

Source: Nikkei BP


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