Honda is negotiating with Waymo for the supply of vehicles for test-driving

According to the source, Honda Motor announced that talks with Waymo for the supply of vehicles for test-driving.

Recall, the company Waymo deals with the technology of unmanned vehicles in the composition of the Alphabet. It is headed by John Krafcik (John Krafcik), who previously held the post of the President of the American division of Hyundai.

In the case of successful negotiations, Honda could become the second partner at Waymo among automakers. As we previously reported, 100 driverless cars Chrysler Pacifica companies Waymo gave the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

Note that Honda is and own developments in the field of self-driving cars. In the past year, the company received permission to test them on the roads of California.

Source: Reuters


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