Home surveillance camera Zyxel Aurora Cloud Access Camera (CAM3115) has the shape of a triangular prism

Zyxel Communications has announced the release of CCTV camera Aurora Camera Cloud Access (CAM3115). It is designed for residential applications and allows you to broadcast video to mobile devices in real-time, sending notifications, and two-way voice communication. The camera has a quite unusual shape of triangular prisms.

The camera can be positioned on the wall, attach to metal objects using the built-in magnetic clip to put on a horizontal surface to stand or lay without the stand.

The manufacturer notes the simplicity of the camera settings and the use of the image sensor produced by Sony. Lens with a field angle of 145° is the aperture F/2,0. The camera shoots 1080p, saving a still image is color even in very low light.

Provided the activation functions of recording by schedule or when motion is detected in the frame. The camera has 16 GB of memory, compatible with external storage and the cloud. It costs $160.

Source: Zyxel Communications


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