Home surveillance camera Nest Cam IQ was 12-fold digital zoom and face detection technology

The company Nest, owned by Google, have presented their new home surveillance camera. The device is called the Nest Cam and the IQ is estimated at $ 300 (for $ 500 you can buy two cameras).

Let’s start with the characteristics. Vosmimegapikselnaya camera is equipped with a sensor optical format 1/2,5 inches. It’s capable of capturing video in 4K, but, as we have noted recently, the user will see only the image of Full HD with 30 fps. the «Extra» pixels are used to implement functions Supersight digital zoom without loss of quality. When the camera sees movement, it automatically brings the image while keeping the quality at the original level.

Viewing angle up to 130 degrees. Of course, the camera can see in the dark. It also has a microphone and a speaker. The data from the camera is encrypted according to AES using 128-bit key.

There is also the camera’s ability not only to recognize people in the field of view, and to distinguish them from each other thanks to facial recognition technology. In particular, the camera can be configured to trigger an alarm only in the case when she learns the man in her field of vision. However, this feature is paid. To get available to her you need to subscribe to Nest Aware service that extends the capabilities of the camera.

Delivery novelties will start in late June.



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