Home surveillance camera Logitech Circle 2 is suitable for installation in premises and on the street

Logitech introduced the camera Circle 2, is designed for home surveillance systems. Camera Logitech Circle 2 is suitable for installation in premises and on the street. It works in tandem with a mobile app Logi Circle.

It is easy to understand the title, the novelty is the development of the model Circle. The camera was waterproof, more versatile, has got a variety of accessories and mounts. It is offered in two varieties: Wired and Wire-Free designed for wired and wireless connection, respectively.

Mount Circle 2 Window Mount makes mounting the camera on the window, which is convenient to monitor what is happening outside the home.

Mount Circle 2 Plug Mount allows you to mount the camera anywhere around the house where there’s an outlet.

Extension cable for wired camera Circle 2 Weatherproof Extension expands the choice of location for its placement — like in the vicinity of, and under the open sky.

Finally, Circle 2 Rechargeable Battery — backup power source which provides the camera Circle 2 Wire-Free for three months.

Camera Circle 2 able to broadcast in 1080p, including the night; has angle of view of 180°; allows two-way voice communication. Buying the camera, the user simultaneously receives at its disposal a storage space in the cloud storage, enough to store 24 hours of video.

Already started taking pre-orders. At shipment, the manufacturer promises to begin in July. Camera Circle 2 Wired costs $180, Circle 2 Wire-Free $200. Accessories and mounts cost from $30 to $50.

Source: Logitech



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