Home robot Asus Zenbo can be bought on 1 January

Home robot Asus Zenbo we wrote back in may. The device is marketed as a domestic helper and is able to perform various tasks, understanding voice commands.

At the time of the announcement talked about a price of $600, and the information was not disclosed. It is now known that Asus Zenbo can be bought from 1 Jan, but so far only in Taiwan. And the first batch will be very limited. The cost of robot is $620, which is close to the value announced in the spring. It should be noted that for this money the buyer will receive a base model with 32 GB of flash memory, while for $780 you can buy a robot with 128 GB of memory and a special charging station in kit.

During the event, which re-introduced the robot, Asus has told about cooperation with the police of Taiwan. It will allow in an emergency to quickly contact the police, and the officer will be able to see what is happening around the robot by his camera. Unfortunately, details on potential cooperation are not disclosed.



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