Home button new iPhone 7 does not respond to touch with gloves

The source found that the Home button of the smartphone Apple iPhone 7 does not respond to touch with gloves on. The problem is associated with the work of fingerprint sensor TouchID Apple and the iPhone 7 Plus.

As it has appeared, touch the button will only work when in direct contact with the skin of the user.

In other words, in the cold season to enjoy the smartphone will be uncomfortable. The inconvenience is compounded by the fact that iOS 10 will certainly require pressing the button to unlock, not to mention the fact that the button is used in other cases.

There is no precise data, triggered button, if it pressed in special gloves for touch input. Some users claims that they get it, part writes that these gloves do not help. Perhaps the manufacturer will be able to rectify the situation upgrade, reducing the threshold of sensitivity. While the reaction to the Apple situation is unknown.

Source: Myke Hurley



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