Holiday with children in summer 2018: choose the best place

Overseas family vacation is not a gimmick. Where do you go a full family in the summer of 2018, to purchase a maximum of impressions and unforgettable pleasure?

Overseas in the summer vacation, especially if you travel with small children, the most dangerous force majeure, when the «not including» be weather conditions, hotel room, and even the sea is also called. If you don’t want to be in this situation in the summer of 2018, then plan a family vacation right, thinking through every move.

Plan holidays with children

The choice of the place and time of rest

Planning to train abroad, prepare yourself mentally to the change of geography. Keep in mind that when choosing the country for children’s health, it is necessary to coordinate all the details with the pediatrician, watching your kids. Additionally, the physician together with the health resort, after analyzing the health condition of your kids will determine what the climatic conditions will contribute to a better recovery. More precisely, the doctor will warn you about that from the point of view of climate change, nearby seaside resorts for a child the same as exotic countries on other continents.


Don’t lose sight of the fact that before leaving on the road need to know in the clinic of special children’s vaccinations, without which in some countries are simply not allowed. And with additional vaccination decide as early as possible, because the period between injections of the vaccine and the trip needs to be at least a month.

Registration of contractual documentation with the Agency

If your family Council has decided where to go on vacation in the summer of 2018 and has consulted with the child’s doctor, then it is time to contact a travel Agency for the contract. Don’t forget before flying to a warm country to bring your copy of the contract where stipulated, all of the items stay, including transfers. The insurance policy is also required.

Mobile communication and fun flights

A change of scenery – a real stress for a young child and teenager. Not every baby will survive for a long time in a confined space, sitting. Try to organize travelling of your child and encourage your child to listen to the music, pulling toy, play puppet theater, make a items. The time will pass quickly and quietly. Before heading abroad, don’t forget about mobile communication with relatives. Because pay the tariff package providing roaming.

Rest with children in Egypt

Summer family tours to Egypt are very popular. There are advantages, but there are pitfalls both in direct and figurative sense of this expression. Many vacationers say that in June the water and air in Egypt is very sharp, and coral plants reach the shore of the beach that can hurt the feet of children without special shoes. In Hurghada, more relaxed than in Sharm al-Sheikh. Choose a small hotel with pools for children, or else risk losing active kids in the anthill of tourists. The cheapest tour in Egypt starts from 30,000 rubles per person.

Family tour in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing and hospitable country where you can go with kids in the summer. From may to November, Turkey welcomes with open arms tourists. There’s never any water temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. On the clean sandy beaches of Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, side to relax with the kids a pleasure. Buy tours to Turkey All inclusive. The price for a full tour for two start at 50,000 rubles. By the way, not all hotels accept families with children under the age of six. The staff in the hotels perfectly applies to children, as evidenced by the organization of children’s clubs, animation, and numerous water parks. The advantage of staying in Turkey is that you and the children will be limited by relaxing the walls of the hotel. And why to go somewhere, if children’s recovery all already planned.


The health of children in Greece

Seaside resorts in Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Katerini, Corfu, Mykonos, Rhodes is famous for a temperate climate, a boundless clear sea, clean sandy coast and good service. High humidity and an abundance of green space allows children to move the Greek heat. Around every corner can be an example to dedicate a child in the ancient Greek tradition. However, in the resort country there are problems of Russian hotels that a family vacation is not very convenient.

Holiday with children in Bulgaria

Quiet, calm, civilized, well thought out and inexpensive you can vacation with your children in the summer of 2018 in Bulgaria – it is the opinion of many tourists. Green parks, children’s rides, water slides, children’s festivals await tourists in Albena, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. Family holiday in Bulgaria will be a rich, memorable and will cost you about 50,000 rubles.

Family travel in Romania

The most popular black sea resorts in Romania are concentrated around Constanta. Sandy beach, amazing blue sea, the white crests of the waves on the Romanian coast, will delight children of any age., especially the Eastern side of the sea without harm to health to take the morning sun. Broad therapeutic base compensates for the not very well-developed children’s infrastructure.

The subtleties of children’s activities

If your child loves listening to myths and stories about Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek Gods, then it definitely will appeal to a family vacation in Greece or Egypt. A long trip is unlikely to appeal to children of younger age, because the program guests discuss in advance. If the ticket is all inclusive, it is not necessary to drag a suitcase full of toys that you can rent at the hotel.

Clearly, we are unable to list all the countries where you can relax in the summer of 2018 with the children, but the basic nuances spelled out. Offer to adopt the proposed activities and to communicate with your friends or on forums with those who have already visited these countries together with children. Better yet, discuss tips for a family holiday in the comments!

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