Holding Alphabet intends to sell the company Terra Bella, purchased in 2014

In 2014 Google for $ 500 million acquired the company Skybox Imaging, dealing with satellite imagery of the Earth’s surface. Last year, Skybox Imaging was renamed Terra Bella and changed the direction of its activities.

According to new data, Alphabet holding company, control of which passed Terra Bella, talks about the market. The amount of possible transactions is not reported. As for the causes, they can eventually lead to new strategies Alphabet, which is to not to develop their own business related to space satellites and to invest in other companies. In addition, it is believed that the holding company will still own part of the shares of Terra Bella, when she will go to the buyer.

As the latter may be the company Planet (former Planet Labs), which at one time was the main competitor of Skybox Imaging. Some of the employees of Terra Bella will go to the Planet, and some will get new jobs in the Alphabet.



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