Holding Alphabet concluded the restructuring of the company Holdings XXVI

Holding Alphabet reportedly completed a two-year process of restructuring, which began, actually, with the creation of the holding company.

Resource Bloomberg reported that the company Google has created a new structure: company XXVI Holdings. She will own shares of all companies included in the holding company, including Google.

But now all companies that even after the appearance of the Alphabet was still part of Google, become the property of the XXVI Holdings, and Google remains by itself. In addition, Google changes its status from Corporation to limited liability company.

In General, this course is aimed at office Google from other companies in the Alphabet and giving these companies the same legal rights that I have with the search giant. This will simplify control and will make every part of the group more independent. For ordinary consumers, all these changes do not change anything.

By the way, the company XXVI Holdings got its name in honor of the fact that the English alphabet has 26 letters.



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