HMD Global believes that if smartphones and Nokia phones are successful in India, and other markets for their success

The Indian smartphone market for many manufacturers is one of the most important. This is due to the potential of this market growth, associated in turn, with the economic development level of the country.

However, as the Chinese market, the smartphone market of India is quite specific. But some companies it does not prevent to extrapolate the experience obtained in the market, on the other.

In particular, the representative of the company Global HMD, which, recall, owns the rights to the Nokia brand in the smartphone market and mobile phones, said that India is Central market in the company’s strategy to extend its products. Moreover, Services Juho (Juho Sarvikas), occupying the post of Director Global products HMD, said that if smartphones and mobile phones Nokia will be successful in India, they will have achieved the same success in other markets.

The statement is at least debatable. Can recall the position of the same Xiaomi in the Indian market in the absence of this company in the USA and most of Europe. The same situation, for example, in Vivo and Oppo.

Also Services noted that regular cell phones remain the main product for the company. That is, in the future, we may expect the «resurrection» and other legends Nokia, not only the model 3310.



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