Hitachi creates a camera without lens

Hitachi is unlikely that someone is associated with photography and cameras. Meanwhile, Hitachi is working on a new technology, which is designed to reduce the thickness of camera modules.

The essence of the technology is to use the moire effect, which is achieved by superpozitsii concentric circles. Hitachi proposes to deprive the camera lens, replacing it with a special film with a pattern of concentric circles, which will be applied to the image sensor. As for focus, this technology will allow you to choose focus after taking the photograph, as in the case of cameras of the light field.

It is the lack of lens will make the final modules are significantly thinner that will allow you to use them not only in mobile technology but also in wearable electronics, robotics, various analyzers and so on. Hitachi said it is not seeking to create a technology that will replace the existing ones. Instead, the developing company will create a more compact camera for those segments where it is critical.



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