Hitachi and Panasonic to significantly increase investment in areas associated with a road segment

According to the source, Hitachi and Panasonic are increasingly investing in automotive technology. In particular, Hitachi to 2018 fiscal year will invest in such areas for about $ 4.4 billion, which is 20% more than was invested over a three-year period ending in fiscal year 2015.

Hitachi will concentrate on the software for syntactic analysis of images and integrated control units for unmanned vehicles. One of the divisions of the company will increase the production of control units and sensors for the automotive segment.

Panasonic, in turn, increases the production of automotive batteries. The company will probably invest in this direction for about $ 9 billion. Of these, about 1.5-1.7 billion dollars will be allocated for the development of new technologies and acquisitions of different companies working in this field.

In addition, Panasonic will engage and release infotainment systems for the next generation of cars.

All this once again shows how important the giants of the IT market was the automotive segment in recent years.

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