HIS has equipped their Radeon RX 580 proprietary cooling system IceQ X different versions

HIS company has expanded its range from four Radeon RX 580. Model called the RX 580 IceQ X2 OC 4GB, RX 580 IceQ X2 OC 8GB, RX 580 XTR IceQ X2 Turbo 8GB Roaring and RX 580 IceQ X2 Turbo 8GB.

The first two differ from each other only by memory and its frequency. The GPU operates at a frequency of 1366 MHz and the memory 7000 and 8000 MHz for versions with 4GB and 8GB of memory respectively. For cooling is responsible cooler IceQ X2 with a pair of 100-mm fan and four heat pipes.

By the way, the same WITH used in the model 580 RX IceQ X2 Turbo 8GB. She’s got a GPU overclocked to 1405 MHz, but the memory increase to the frequency received. Ports set all four cards of a standard: DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (x3).

But the RX model 580 XTR IceQ X2 Turbo 8GB Roaring differ from the rest. First, it uses the IceQ X2 cooler Roaring. Its design is similar to the IceQ X2, but it is significantly larger, causing larger and turned the card. We should also note that this adapter requires the connection of two power connectors (8+6), whereas the previous trio is limited to one eight-pin.

Radeon RX 580


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