HIS has equipped the Radeon RX 550 power connector

In addition to the four Radeon RX 580 the company HIS presented one RX 570 and Radeon two Radeon RX 550. Let’s start with the highest card.

It’s called the RX 570 IceQ X2 OC 4GB. The card uses the same IceQ X2 cooler with a pair of 100 mm fans. GPU frequency is 1264 MHz and 4 GB of memory working at a frequency of 7000 MHz. The adapter has DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort (x3). It requires the connection of one eight-pin power connector.

Low cards are called RX Green iCooler 550 OC 4GB and RX 550 Green iCooler 2GB OC. They differ only in the amount of memory, while its frequency is the same for both models: 7000 MHz. The core operates at frequencies 1183/1203 MHz.

What is very interesting is the presence of six-pin power connector on these 3D maps! This is despite the fact that the official TDP of the device is 50 watts. Even with the small acceleration of the device hardly need additional food. However, HIS seems to be the only company that is equipped with a card Radeon RX 550 power connector.

For cooling the card meets the cooler iCooler with a single fan. The set of ports presents DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Radeon RX 570
Radeon RX 550


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