Highlighting more on OLED, Samsung risks losing a major customer of semiconductor products

Qualcomm order from Samsung release of semiconductor products, think about in order to return to work with TSMC earlier than expected. The reason is the decision of Samsung to shift the focus of capital investment on OLED technology. About it reports the source with reference to representatives of the industry.

Highlighting more on OLED, Samsung to reduce investment in other areas, including contract manufacturing of semiconductor products. The result is the South Korean manufacturer may lose position in competition with the Taiwanese company TSMC.

It is not excluded that Qualcomm will return to TSMC at the stage of technological norms of 10 nm, although earlier it was expected that TSMC will regain a Qualcomm orders, suggesting production of goods according to norms of 7 nm. Qualcomm was the biggest customer of TSMC before she chose services Samsung at the stage of 14 nm.

Source: DigiTimes



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