Highlighter: the secrets of choosing and using

In just a few seasons the highlighter has become the absolute must-haves every girl. This is a great tool that helps to get rid of signs of fatigue and dull complexion. But nevertheless, you can use it are able not all. So today we offer you to make sense of what are textures and how to apply.

What is highlighter?

The famous tool called Hilter in English means «select light». That is, it is used to highlight certain areas of the face. Due to this impression rested and lit from within skin that looks very natural.

You’ve probably noticed that after the face of it looks unnatural. Therefore, it is important to do at least a minimal contouring. In addition, all what you need to hide you darken. And areas that should be emphasized better lighten. It is used for this highlighter.

Not to mention that with the help of this tool you can hide small wrinkles and give the skin a healthy glow. Makeup artists use it to highlight the eyes and eyebrows, slightly reduce the nose and even give swelling lips.

The texture of the highlighter and their features

As mentioned above, this tool must be in every makeup bag. But in the selection process you can face many issues. One of them concerns the fact, what kind of texture to buy.

Dry texture

First, the highlighter had a dry texture and was externally similar to the mineral powder. It is believed that such a tool is perfect for girls with oily skin type. But when applied should be very careful, as it can highlight peeling or pores. On dry skin it may not look very natural, so it is better to apply quite a bit.

Also, makeup artists often apply it on top of powder or Foundation. You must do it with a brush to apply a light veil, and do not make the face too shiny. In addition, the dry texture is more suitable for evening makeup.

Liquid highlighter

Unlike the previous embodiment, liquid texture is much easier to use. In addition, you can create a soft, delicate glow that will look natural.

To achieve this effect you need to distribute only one drop of the tool with the fingers. Makeup artists often mix it with Foundation and then applied all over the face. It looks really nice and natural.



Rather unusual, but very versatile is the highlighter in the stick. It is very convenient to use, since it is enough just to touch the skin and spread with your fingers. The result is light, moist and more natural effect. So this option is great for everyday life and daytime makeup.

In addition, thanks to its compact size, it can be put even in the smallest purse.

Creamy texture

This option is particularly favored by makeup artists because it is well absorbed and remains on the skin for a long time. It is often applied with fingers or cosmetic sponge. But before that, always need to apply concealer.

Highlighter creamy texture very often produced in the form of palettes with different shades. This is a great solution as it allows you to replace even shadow and blush. Therefore, those who are in search of a universal tool, we recommend you to take a closer look at this option.


Rules for the choice of tint

After you have defined the required texture, special attention should be paid to the search for the perfect shade. You need to pay attention not only to the color of the highlighter, but the skin tone.

Girls with fair skin tone recommend to look at funds with a pearly sheen. Because of this the face won’t look too pale and cold. And pearls accentuate the lines of the face.

For more tanned skin should choose options that contain a Golden color. The soft and delicate is the hue of champagne. A saturated copper or even bronze color of highlighter perfect for evening makeup.

Pink and purple shade this means fit for owners of pink-red potona skin. Due to this, it will look very harmonious.

How to use the highlighter?

Unlike the common belief, it is not necessary to apply too much all over the face. It all depends on exactly where you want to focus. Remember, there are just five areas on which to apply it.


If you want to make the look more open, the highlighter will perfectly cope with this task. Just enough to apply it under the eyebrows and on the outer or inner corners of the eyes. The dry texture can also be applied on the mobile eyelid, but remember that the layer should be as thin as possible.


To make more expressive facial features if you can apply it to cheekbones diagonally. This should be done with fingers or a brush. Thanks to this at the turn of the head will be visible a light, healthy glow of the skin.


For nose correction, you must purchase two shades of highlighter. One should be light, and the second darker than the skin tone. To visually make the nose, apply a dark color on the wings of the nose. The nose seemed a little shorter brush with a small amount from the nose Yes the tip. Then need to feather.


Give swelling, sexier lips in just using a bit of highlighter. For this you need to put it on the dimple above the upper lip and good shade. This simple trick will make it a more attractive.


For daytime makeup is still not recommended to use a highlighter for the correction of this zone. But in the evening make-up you need quite a bit of money to put on the sides of the forehead and on your temples. But it is important to feather that correction didn’t look like a greasy Shine.

Highlighter is a great tool that helps to emphasize the face and give it a natural glow. Use when you select our tips, and you can easily choose the ideal texture and hue.

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