Hewlett Packard Enterprise is negotiating the sale of software units 8-10 billion dollars

Citing its own informants familiar with the situation, the source claims that the company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), conducts negotiations with Thoma Bravo on the sale of the units dealing with software. HPE hope that the sale of the units will bring 8-10 billion dollars.

As you know, the HPE was received by the division of HP into two parts. Negotiating the sale go against the efforts of the management HPE seeking to concentrate the resources of the company on several strategic areas: the release of network equipment, storage, and servers.

HPE has already received proposals for the sale of software unit from possible buyers, among which are named investment company Vista Equity Partners Management, Carlyle Group and TPG Capital. However, the most attractive offer is $ 7.5 billion — came from Thoma Bravo. However, the difference between the proposed amount and presentation of HPE about the cost of unit does not allow to speak about the deal with complete confidence. Perhaps Thoma Bravo will acquire only part of an asset, said the source. In favor of the transaction with Thoma Bravo is the fact that this company engaged in private equity, already owns several software companies, including Dynatrace and Compuware that will improve the efficiency of the HPE units in the case of purchase.

Last year the software division of HP was rescued by 3.6 billion dollars, which is significantly less than the 3.9 billion dollars earned in 2014. The prospects of the units began to deteriorate due to the displacement of the market towards cloud services. The division includes the assets of the company Autonomy, acquired in 2011 at 10.3 billion dollars (as it turned out, the price was scandalously overpriced) and the assets of the company Mercury Interactive, acquired in 2006 for $ 4.5 billion.

Source: Reuters



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