Hewlett Packard Enterprise company completed the separation of software division, put a point in history with the purchase of Autonomy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has completed the selection in another company most of its business related to software. Thus ended the story with the scandalous purchase in 2011 the company Autonomy. Recall of the management Autonomy falsified statements, the transaction amounted to 10 billion dollars, has been overstated. As a result, HP was still not divided into HP Inc and HP had to write off 8.8 billion dollars.

Now HP hopes to focus on hardware and software for data centers.

With regard to the direction associated with the enterprise software, including platform security, ArcSight, it merged with the British company Micro Focus International.

A lawsuit filed by HP against Autonomy executives (now the plaintiff in this acts HPE), remains in force.



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