Headset virtual reality help the Israeli military to prepare for combat operations in tunnels

According to the source, the Israeli army adopted a virtual reality headset. In a renovated building on a military base, the soldiers are trained using the headset, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Devices to help soldiers conduct training fights in narrow corridors, tunnels and so on. One of the instructors noted that virtual reality helps commanders to create for the training of the soldier a situation that is impossible to recreate in the real world. In addition, such training in some cases are cost-effective and reduce the time of training soldiers.

It is also reported that the Israeli army has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a system that includes a dozen VR headsets and a corresponding virtual environment.

In General, virtual reality is helping to prepare soldiers for action in the tunnels, which are a problem for Israel in the war against militants from the Gaza strip.

The source reports that the tunnels are a problem for South Korea, the USA, Mexico and Iraq so these countries can be interested in developed by Israel platform.



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