Headset virtual reality built on the Intel platform Project Alloy, will cost 600-900 dollars

Last year, Intel showed virtual reality headset Project Alloy. Then we almost told nothing about the device. It was known that it is a completely independent solution that requires no PC connection or smartphone. Intel also noted that it is only a reference platform, which will be available to partners.

Now it is reported that the headset created on the basis of this platform will appear on the market at a price comparable to the price of a typical laptop. More specifically, in the range from 600 to 900 dollars. Itself Intel to release a similar device is not planning, but is preparing to send thousands of test copies to interested developers. Presumably, the first serial device will appear on sale next year.

Given that the headset will be fully Autonomous, to expect from them, gaming performance is not worth it, so probably they will be positioned as a working tool.



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