Headset Rosewill EX-500 or EX-700 is equipped with steel radiators

In stock Rosewill introduces two new models of headsets, EX-500 or EX-700. Their feature was a two-lane design, where each loudspeaker operates in its own frequency range, which usually improves the sound detail.

In both models the high-frequency range is reproduced by the emitter with balanced armature, also has a dynamic emitter, the diameter of which is 8 mm in the headset Rosewill EX-700 and 10 mm EX-500. Only for Rosewill EX-500 tweeter made of ceramic, with innovations capable of reproducing frequencies up to 40 kHz.

Case headset made of aluminum,and their shape are chosen for a more comfortable fit in the ear, at the same time reducing the penetration of outside noise. The package includes five pairs of interchangeable nozzles of different size: two standard and three focusing on high frequency, has a handbag for carrying. Headset Rosewill EX-500 or EX-700 on sale for $70 and $60 respectively.



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