Headset Huawei virtual reality VR is estimated at $90

About the headset virtual reality VR Huawei we wrote back in April. This device that are related to the category of VR helmets. That is to work it requires the installation of a smartphone.

At the time of the first announcement price and the sales date was not known. Now, however, Huawei to resubmit the device in China, at the same time revealing details.

As expected, Huawei is VR a little — $90. Approximately the same cost of similar devices from other top manufacturers. Huawei focuses on 360-degree sound «scope», whatever that means, and also notes that the device is compatible with smartphones where the screen size does not exceed 5.5 inches. Apparently, the best suited Mate 9 Pro as it is the only smartphone Huawei with a display resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, and to work with VR headsets, this is an important nuance.

Selling Huawei VR will appear in the near future. Now, Huawei offers more than 5,000 free movies that you can watch in virtual reality.



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