Headset for smartphone viewing of the LCD screen at a price of $26 will help to detect glaucoma at an early stage

Specialists of the company Cambridge Consultants promise that in the near future your smartphone will become an effective device to detect glaucoma at home.

They created a headset viewing of the LCD screen, which at first glance resembles a common today is virtual reality helmets. Owners viewing of the LCD screen will not need to go to the clinic to monitor the health of their eyes.

You need to insert a smartphone into the headset, pre-installing the appropriate mobile app which will generate template collection shimmering light to detect glaucoma. The kit will be supplied remote control, which you will use when you see the light.

Diagnosis one eye will take about five minutes, the results will be available immediately with them in case of need we can go to the doctor.

Viewing of the LCD screen will be offered at a price of about $ 26.


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