Headset augmented reality Magic Leap will come within six months at a price of 1500-2000 $

About the project the company Magic Leap, which caused a lot of controversy with his statements and videos, last time we did not hear anything at all.

But this does not mean that work on a potentially revolutionary augmented reality headset is not conducted. Moreover, the latest news probably are among the most important for consumers.

According to the source, headset, Magic Leap could reach the market within six months. Its price will supposedly be $ 1500-2000. This is less than Microsoft is asking for HoloLens, but significantly more than the cost of the headset of virtual reality. Indirectly, this could mean that the device will indeed be revolutionary, but a foregone conclusion in advance, of course, impossible.

At the moment, Magic Leap is undergoing another round of funding, which can attract about 500 million dollars. Eventually, the company would be valued at approximately 6 billion.

The source also claims that the headset, Magic Leap will be larger than usual points, but more compact than the usual VR headsets. However, the compactness due to the presence of the external module for processing, which will be connected with a headset via a wireless interface.

Magic Leap


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