Headset augmented reality Magic Leap will be released in 2018-2019

We just wrote about the headset of augmented reality Magic Leap. But the last time any new data about this device on the Network does not appear. And here is the Forbes online has published a great article about the company, its development and other aspects.

All of it does not interest us, so let’s concentrate on the Essentials. First, at the moment, Magic Leap has spent on the development of their offspring more than 1 billion dollars. Secondly, in Florida the company has started to cost a production line.

But most importantly, expect a headset in the near future should not, despite previous statements by the head of the company. A device that could be revolutionary, will hit the market in 2018 or even 2019.

Recall that in the basis of Magic Leap is a certain technology to project images directly onto the retina of the human eye, making it totally unlike any existing in the market at the moment. Early videos that we have published, demonstrate exactly what will see the people in this headset. If you compare with the same helmet Microsoft HoloLens, the development of Magic Leap looks much more interesting and smarter.

Magic Leap


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