Headset augmented reality Apple engaged former employees and Oculus VR to Magic Leap

Sources claim that Apple is working on several prototypes of headsets augmented and virtual reality. For this the company has formed a separate team, which involved all new and new experts.

As Business Insider reports, recently, Apple has come see Lee (Zeyu Li), who was one of the main developers in a startup Magic Leap. It is concerned with creating its own augmented reality headset.

Another new employee was Yuri Petrov, who previously worked in the company Oculus VR over virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. In his portfolio stated that he was involved in the prototyping and software development.

In July of this year, Tim Cook (Tim Cook) confirmed that Apple is investing heavily in the direction of augmented reality. And this week he added that he believes more in the success of augmented reality than virtual, since the first allows people, using new technologies to stay in the real world.



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