Headphones connected to a PC, an attacker can use for eavesdropping

The penetration of computer technology and communication into everyday life leaves little space for privacy. Researchers from the Israeli University Ben-Gurion found the fact, known to any Amateur radio: headset can play the role of a microphone. More precisely, they were able to show that the headphones are connected to the PC, can be used in this capacity. Invisibly to the user. This malicious program is sufficient to reprogram the assignment of the inputs and outputs of the audio subsystem so that the headphones were connected to the input. The quality of the incoming signal depends on the model and location of the headphones, but in some cases could quite clearly «hear» the space at a distance of several meters from your PC.

While researchers have demonstrated the functioning of the programs they Speake(a)r only on the PC with the Realtek codec production. However, according to them, there are no fundamental obstacles to implementing this approach on smartphones, tablets and other devices. There is also no guarantee that such already is not being used by attackers. Guaranteed remedy for bugging with it is the headphones are unplugged.

Source: Engadget


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