Headphones Bowers & Wilkins PX is equipped with an adaptive system of active noise cancellation

The company Bower & Wilkins (B&W) released wireless headphone PX cost of about $400. The key feature is adaptive noise cancellation. With the help of mobile application the user can select one of three modes, more suitable for the current situation. For example, the «urban» mode for greater security, user drowns out the traffic noise. In «office» mode, the user becomes the voice of the interlocutor. Finally, the mode of «flight» completely isolates the user from external noise. Another interesting feature of the PX is a special sensor which automatically pauses playback, when a user to remove the headphones. And if the user has postponed the headphones away, they go into sleep mode, saving battery power. Specify that this is not the first headphones with this feature. However, from this it becomes less useful. Buttons for manual control of playback having a priority over the sensor, built into one of the cups.

Headband headphones leather, and in the design of the bowls and fixings used anodized aluminum. The bowls features a 40-millimeter emitters. The battery life headphones up to 22 h when using a wireless connection aptX HD Bluetooth and 50 h through a wired connection and turned off the noise reduction. To connect the charger USB port is the. the weight is 335 g.


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