Head of Samsung Electronics America apologized for exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7

Yesterday the Commission on safety of consumer products US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) announced the beginning of full-scale recall campaign smart phones Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Shortly after this was published the video of the President and COO of Samsung Electronics America Tim Baxter (Tim Baxter) who apologized to all the fans of the company’s products, particularly highlighting those who have suffered because of the exploding batteries in Samsung Galaxy Note7.

From one million smartphones, which is withdrawn in the United States, as of 15 September, the company replaced approximately 130 thousand units, or 13%.

Tim Baxter noted that at the moment, the experts have confirmed that the batteries used in the supply of new Samsung Galaxy Note7, are completely safe. But those who own smartphones from the start of the party, he asks (twice uttering the word «please») to turn off the device and wait for opportunities to exchange them. New Samsung Galaxy Note7 for the exchange will appear in stores no later than September 21.



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