HDD shipments for the quarter decreased by 2.1%, dropping below the level of 100 million units

Once the HDD issue was involved in dozens of companies, but for the past few years as a result of the departure of some producers and the consolidation of others, the market was divided between only three participants.

In the second quarter of 2016, they shipped a total of 98,46 million drives. This is 2.1% less than in the first quarter, equal 100,54 million.

Note that not all manufacturers have reduced the supply. Toshiba released within three months from April to June 21,55 million HDD, 18.5% more than in the first quarter, when it was released of 18.18 million HDD.

However, it was not enough to fully compensate for the reduction in the supply of products to Seagate and Western Digital 6.2% and 7.0%, respectively. In quantitative terms, the supply of Seagate for the quarter declined from 39.24 to 36.8 million units, Western Digital hard drive — from 43.12 to 40.11 million pieces.

If you look at the distribution by segment, the supply of HDDs for desktop PCs decreased by 17.3%, and for mobile — by 7.8%. Supplies in the corporate segment grew by 3.7% in the segment of consumer electronics — 31.4%.

Source: Storage Newsletter

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