Have ZTE ready the first integrated solution of IP+Optical 5G Flexhaul

ZTE at the event MWC 2017 introduced the industry’s first integrated solution of IP+Optical 5G Flexhaul. It combines internal (backhaul) and external (fronthaul) sections of the transport network. The architecture of IP+Optical allows to unify the transport services of both plots in a single device. Other advantages applies ultra-wide operating frequency range, ultra-low latency and traffic shaping on the basis of technology software defined networking (SDN). According to the manufacturer, the introduction of IP+Optical 5G Flexhaul will allow almost a third to reduce total cost of ownership compared to traditional counterparts.

The transition from 4G to 5G can reduce latency and increase bandwidth and number of connections, allowing the support of different scenarios, including improved mobile broadband connection (eMBB), mass machine-to-machine connections (mMTC) and ultra-reliable communication with low latency (uRLLC). The differences between them in the case of traditional networks entails a need for structural reconfiguration and upgrading of equipment. In 5G Flexhaul to reduce the cost of network construction and space saving in hardware space at the level of mass access device uses integrated IP+Optical, and for management and maintenance controllers SDN. The function FlexE allows high flexibility to allocate resources, isolating the subchannels of different services. Note that the development is already close to commercial deployment. At MWC, was shown a pre-production sample of the device the transport network ZXCTN 6180H. Block size 3RU supports network level to 1T.

Source: ZTE



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