Have the EK Water Blocks ready waterblock for motherboard Asus socket AMD TR4

Specializing in liquid cooling systems and components for them, the Slovenian company EK Water Blocks presented waterblock EK-FB ASUS ROG ZE RGB Monoblock. It is designed for several models of Asus motherboards with socket AMD TR4. According to the manufacturer, this is the first product of this kind.

Block, decorated with full-color backlight, is designed to remove heat from the CPU and next to it a powerful voltage regulators included in the power subsystem. It is compatible with Asus ROG motherboards Extreme, Zenith, Asus Prime X399-A and Asus ROG Strix X399 is E Gaming.

Due to the small hydrodynamic resistance, EK-FB ASUS ROG ZE RGB Monoblock can even be used with pumps of small capacity.

The special features of the waterblock applies increased area contacting with the CPU. It corresponds exactly to the lid heat spreader AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

Base waterblock made of copper and Nickel-plated. The cover material is transparent acrylic plastic.

The backlight is connected using a four-pin connector. Led tape is made detachable so that it can be easily replaced or removed.

Price EK-FB ASUS ROG ZE RGB is 120 euros. Taking pre-orders already started. The shipment, the manufacturer promises to begin on 2 November.
EK Water Blocks


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