Have reddish display of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 already has a few explanations

As we reported yesterday, some Korean owners of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, which have already received the device on pre-order, complain about the reddish tint of the screen.

Samsung representatives said that the users facing this problem, can quickly correct the problem through color calibration in the relevant section of the settings menu. Sources say that to remove the redness in this way does not work. Various experts have expressed the view that the problem could be more serious.

There is a possibility that the cause lies in faulty chips which cause the failure of the GPU. Others believe that Samsung is trying to reduce the prevalence of blue color in their new displays, have used the technology of deep-red, which caused the problem.

Also it is suggested that the reason for the arrangement of subpixels in the Super AMOLED display, which reduced the number of blue subpixels. Finally, the accused and non-standard aspect ratio 18,5:9, which supposedly can lead to instability of the structure of the display.

After the failure of Galaxy Note7 another big problem of Samsung is not exactly necessary. The company’s reputation may never recover. We will be watching to see how events unfold.



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