Have ready Rambus interface physical layer HBM2 platform Globalfoundries FX-14

The company Rambus has announced the availability of the physical interface High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Gen2 PHY designed based on a technological platform Globalfoundries FX-14. The platform Globalfoundries FX-14 is a 14-nanometer process technology 14LPP. According to Rambus, the company, its development is addressed to designers solutions for the data center. The interface is fully compliant with JEDEC standard HBM2 and supports data transmission speeds up to 2000 Mbit/s per output, which corresponds to the total throughput of 256 GB/s.

Interface is characteristic of low power consumption. It is designed based on the use of bulk packaging 2.5 D, allowing you to get a wide tire (1024 bits). In turn, the wide tire provides more throughput even at low clock frequency to reduce power consumption and increase energy efficiency.

The developer notes that an exhaustive analysis of signal integrity and power supply, guarantees the conformity of the whole system 2.5 D requirements.

Source: Rambus

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