Have ready Harman’s scalable platform for digital car dashboard

Harman, recently a subsidiary of Samsung some time ago presented the development in the field of automotive electronics. It is a scalable platform Digital Platform Cockpit, which includes all the displays of the car and the sources displayed on them.

According to the developer, the unified platform allows to overcome the «fragmentation of the user experience», which is manifested in the interaction with the different subsystems on-Board electronics that perform informational and entertainment functions. The winning brands from the use of common platforms is to reduce cost by eliminating the need to use multiple controllers and software solutions, as in disparate subsystems.

The platform is able to assume the functions of the Central display infotainment system, dashboard display, the driver assistance system (ADAS), interface, sound control, lighting, electronic mirrors and navigation system. In addition, it can provide access to a virtual assistant.

Critical components, e.g. instrument panel, running a real time OS. For other components used Android or Linux. Function Ignite the IoT allows you to update the firmware «over the air».

Source: Harman


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